Basement Remodeling

Finishing or remodeling a basement is an excellent way to create additional living space for your family. Whether you are looking for an extra bedroom, a children’s playroom, a home theater, an office, or the ultimate “Man Cave” with a full bar, a basement that is designed and finished properly can give you the extra entertaining and functional space your home needs. At The Basement Doctor ™, we have years of design experience, and have helped homeowners all over Ohio to plan, install and decorate their dream basement.

The three main components of any basement remodeling or finishing system include the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. The Basement Doctor’s system utilizes inorganic products that are made specifically for the basement environment and are resistant to moisture and mold. For years, we have been tearing out wood framing, carpet fibers and other organic materials due to mold, mildew and dry rot.

In addition to creating a finished basement that is dry and mold-free, we also give homeowners a more energy-efficient space. Our system boasts an insulation value of R16, which is one of the best ratings for wall insulation, and means that homeowners could see a savings of 33 percent or more on heating and cooling costs.

Before starting any finishing or remodeling project, it is ideal to start with a basement that is already dry, clean and structurally sound. Together, we can ensure that your new finished basement will benefit your family for years to come.